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Educational goals in Supervision

Being an artist, therapist and pastor, I deal with the poetry of human beings day by day. During the course, I have struggled together with them in their poetry of life colored by conflicts and powers. Gradually, counseling in context has become my prime concern.
I am looking forward to equipping students as a poetic practitioner/educator/consultant of Expressive Arts. For one thing, I am thriving to be a practitioner who does counseling in context of the poetry of the artist-clients. Through which, hopefully, I will be receiving the gift of a personal style of congruence and compassion. These are like the basis of the triad having confidence at the top. Congruence/Compassion (love) slowly breeds confidence (faith/hope) for poiesis - knowing by making. Till then, after I will have to make, I may receive and give back people’s poetry (especially of conflicts and powers) with competence and charisma. As an educator, I re-imagine myself having charisma, that simply means gifts and grace, to deal with the powers in people’s lives. As a consultant, I re-imagine myself practicing the competence-of-being-congruence, that ironically means not to be too sure, to unfold the people in conflicts. This peculiar pair of charisma and competence may be imagined as the sides of the triad. The diagram below illustrates the poetic practitioner/educator/consultant of Expressive Arts.

Through contemplation (from Behold to Hold Everything Dear) to art-making, poiesis