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Imago Dei


Spiritual Formation 2013

Year 1
Spiritual Friendship ;
Schools of Prayers
Year 2
Traditions & Spiritual Classics
Year 3
Christian Liberal Studies
(*throughout 1-3 )
Spiritual Direction
Lectio Divina Cassian
Faith? Center of values
Lectio Divina
Introduction & Foundation
Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises Augustine
Francis / Bonavneture
Faith? Master stories
Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises
Centering Prayer Gregory of Nyssa
Cloud of Unknowing
Teresa / John the Cross
Faith? Images of powers
Centering Prayer
Contemplation to Compassion:Social Change ? Biblical Foundation Discernment Gifts to Communities / Churches

Comparing to SoulStream ?

  • Theology of the heart
  • Biblical foundation of spiritual formation
  • Prayer & Discernment
  • Living contemplatively