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Imago Dei


Christian Liberal Studies

1. Precursor: Personhood The Mentored Life (Houston)
The Imitation Of Christ (A Kempis)
Fowler’s Stages of Faith :
2. Pray-er Prayer (Balthasar)
Christian Mediation (Balthasar)
Center of Values
3. Exegesis: OT/NT The Last Word ; NTPG (Wright)
Commentary On The NT Use Of The OT (Beale & Carson)
4. Wisdom -- (Waltke & Houston)
5. “Damned” Reading The Bible With The Damned (Ekblad)
6. Conversion & transformation Beginning Well (Gordon Smith)
-- (Gordon Smith)
7. Culture(s): “practical atheist” The Way Of The (Modern) World (Gay)
Making The Best Of It (StackHouse)
Down-to-earth Spirituality ; -- (Stevens)
Communicating For Life (Schultze)
Master Stories
8. Filmic narrative Imaging The Divine (Baugh) Images of Power(s)
9. Imagination / Iconic Theological Aesthetics (Thiessen)
And I Turned To See The Voice (Humphrey)
10. Preaching Heralds Of God (Stewart)
11. Apologetic Humble Apologetics (StackHouse)
12. Beauty / Glory Love Alone Is Credible (Balthasar)
The Glory Of The Lord (Balthasar)
13. “AND” - (Kierkegaard) àlove
The River Within (Imbach) àpassion
Joyful Exile (Houston) à joy
*Stage 5 (and 6)
    “Conversion= recapitulation of previous faith stages” (288)~= Wright’s Paul New Perspective