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Co-Create: CREATivity Coaching

Creativity coaching is about:

  1. Creativity is a surprise / supply, esp. in post-modern contexts, not a demand (Accepting challenge)
  2. Symbolic communication as social investment (Serving the community)
  3. “Beauty / glory” vocation (Enjoying work)
  4. Making meaning with your passions ß new heart of passions; sacrifice vs. achieving (Collaborating with peers)
  5. Create in the middle of happenings ß art intervention and living (Welcoming deadlines)
  6. Anxiety expert ? ß “new” human condition (Handling anxiety)
  7. Upholding dreams in various realities ß original human predicament (Building resilience)
  8. Creative critical handling of life “crisis” (Managing crisis )
  9. The weight of “glory”: cc-spiritual exposition of beauty (Inquiring into “spirituality” – moral?)
  10. Creativity coaching & corporate expressions à (Exploring branding)
  11. Creativity community & “worship” (Building community with worth (the root of “worship” is worth))
  12. Enjoyable creative education & its adventure: to glorify God is to enjoy God (Developing creative coaching ability)

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