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Recommendations for KK’s new book

KK Lai’s vision of art therapy as spiritual practice helps the arts and healing connect to their archetypal sources and the sacramental process of transforming pain and suffering into affirmations of life through the universal and sensible forms of artistic expression.
“KK, We need your work.”

Shaun McNiff, University Professor, Cambridge, MA and author of Art as Medicine, Art Heals and many other books.


There is a profound need throughout the world for thoughtful voices that honor the soulful connections among the arts, therapy, and spirituality. This engaging book
serves as another step in examining our humanness through the lens of creative, contemplative imagination. --

Bruce L. Moon, Ph.D., ATR-BC, HLM


Fragmentation is one of the major vices of contemporary culture so any book that attempts to speak against it is worthy of our attention. That is even more the case when art, spirituality, and therapy, three spheres that are often in isolation, are brought together into a tapestry of beautiful cloth and colour.

Dr. Rod Wilson - President Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada


In the midst of a market place where evidence based writing of a secular nature has held a longstanding position, Drago Lai, has written a book that invites the reader to engage in an interdisciplinary approach that provokes new thinking.

Written by a modern day pioneer, this book is a resource for arts based therapy practitioners, mental health professionals , transpersonal counsellors, art makers, spiritual practitioners, and all others who are interested in engaging the discourse between art, therapy and spirituality.

This powerful contribution to the field of arts based therapy invites the reader to participate at the level of imagination , sensorial experiencing and spiritual reflection .

The work is the result of the writer’s ongoing journey that has moved along a trajectory of multiple perspectives. Through studies and practice in film making, art making, counseling, art therapy , theology and body centered psychotherapy, he has synthesized an approach that brings together , creativity and spirituality .

Drago Lai has written a book that offers an opportunity for direct experience and reflection. In this way, he deepens a conversation that is both ancient and timely.

Heather Dawson
Expressive Arts Therapist
Registered Art Therapist